Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer 13: Back to Toi, Back to School

Okay, this post really isn't summer break anymore because I had to go back to school the day after returning from Kyoto. But Lauren hadn't left yet, and it still felt like vacation so that's why it's still part of the summer posts. 

Thursday was my first day back to work. I went to the elementary school even though I didn't have any classes to teach that day. It was a day of planning. Usually days without classes are pretty boring, but it was actually pretty fun. 

Before I left for summer vacation, a teacher told me that I would need to prepare a one minute speech (in English) about my summer vacation to give after lunch when I returned. I wasn't sure if it was for the teachers or the students though. It was for the teachers though (I ended up talking about my summer and showing the pictures to the students the next day too though). After lunch (We had really nice bento for lunch with tempura, various vegetables, and rice) everyone gave a speech. I thought the other teachers would give their speeches in Japanese, but they all gave them in English!!! It was really cute! Some of them were really interesting too. One teacher talked about going to an outdoor music festival and her friend got pooped on by a bird. Another teacher told about some big bug biting her. The vice principal taught some Russian phrases (I had no idea he knew Russian!). My favorite though was the teacher who talked about seeing a lot of coackroaches. Then he said, "Therefore, they must be on summer vacation too." Hahaha. 

After school, Lauren and I went to the beach. I've lived here five months and it was my first time getting into the water. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as nice as I thought it might be. The water was kind of muddy. The waves are very very very small, but still manage to kick up a bunch of sand. So when I got out I was covered in sand and looked pretty gross.

It's kind of cool how shallow it is. I kept going a little bit further and it didn't really get any deeper. I am actually sitting in this picture here.

Later after I had been out of the water for a while I saw a big fish jump out of the water near where I had been. I'm glad that didn't happen while I was in the water. I would have freaked out.

I love the silhouettes at the beach at sunset. :)

We went to 7-11 and I got dinner.

Here I am eating konbini food on the beach! :) It was like Yakisoba or something made with udon (a thick type of Japanese noodles). I had a peach Fanta too. :)

Then when we got back we watched Pokemon and Vs. Arashi... ummm... there's nothing better on TV, OK? Vs. Arashi is a game show featuring a really popular boy band. Too bad there weren't shows like this with N Sync and Backstreet Boys back when I was in middle school, lol. Oh, and I don't generally watch Pokemon... just wanted to clear that up... :P Vs. Arashi however... hahaha...

I did NOT take the time to make this picture myself, haha. So don't think that I have too much time on my hands.

Here are more pictures of our time around Izu:


  1. Woow!!!! you watched Vs ARASHI!!!! ARASHI is so popular in Japan!!! I'm Paraguayan and live so far for Japan, but I'm crazy for them!!!

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