Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!

I arrived in Japan yesterday and so far it has been great! :) I am training in a city called Hamamatsu and I had my first day of training today. Here are some highlights so far!

Here is a video of the shinkansen (bullet train) soon after leaving Tokyo Station.

On the left is a picture of my first real meal in Japan (not just juice from a vending machine and candy from a kiosk at the train station... though that was also good lol). Japanese ramen is awesome... it was soooooooooooo good!

There were a bunch of ramen restaurants all in one building. Outside each individual restaurant was a person yelling trying to get customers to go in. It was so fun! :) At this one we put our money into this vending machine thing and pressed the button of the meal we wanted and a ticket came out. Then we were seated, they took our tickets, and they made and brought our food.

After training this afternoon, I went out on my own and took many pictures around Hamamatsu. The area around the train station is super nice and has tons of flowers and waterfalls. Below is one of the pictures I took of the flowers.

It was kinda rainy outside so I went to Seven Eleven and bought a clear umbrella as well as candy candy, including maple Kit Kat, Banana Kit Kat, and a chocolate crisp bar called Crunky, lol.

I took a video of one area in Hamamatsu. I really need to get a new camera with better video!

More pictures of my adventure so far can be seen on Facebook here: Japan So Far

Now I am back in my hotel room enjoying the randomness of Japanese television. I need some sleep soon though! Strangely enough though I seem to have adjusted the time changer after just one day!


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you're having a good time in Japan already! Crunky....haha

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