Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Final Tokyo Trip Part 4: Hama Rikyu

On March 22nd we started out the day with a delicious breakfast at our hotel and then set out for Hama Rikyu.

As we walked towards the garden we passed through the Shiodome area. There was some boy band concert going on that morning. I have no idea who they were and they sounded like just about every other Japanese boy band. I would have liked to watch a little while longer, but Jonathan had no interest.

It was early spring and things weren't in full bloom yet, but overall the garden was much greener than we expected. 

There was a really pretty rapeseed field. So bright and cheerful! 

Next we walked through a grove of plum trees. They're cute and pretty, but I don't like them as much as sakura.

The back part of the garden is along the water. We sat down for a little while. Picard had a very nice, relaxing time.

The "pond" is connected to Tokyo Bay so it is actually seawater and changes with the tide.

We stopped for a little while and enjoyed some traditional Japanese sweets. I got some type of sakura mochi. 

It was good, but the sakura leaf on the outside was very salty. I didn't eat the leaf (are you supposed to?) but it was still pretty salty where it had been.

It was the second time for both of us to visit Hama Rikyu. The first time had been in December of 2010. I had forgotten how nice it is. Tokyo is so awesome. So much fun stuff to do, amazing shopping, and pretty gardens and parks!

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