Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Randomness: Cuteness and Deliciousness

I'm finally on summer break! Well, I've sort of been on break for the past week, but I've had to go to school for an hour or two every day to help with English speech contest practice. So it hasn't been too bad, but I've still had to get up early. But now I'm free! :)

Anyway... here are some random pictures from July.

Loft in Hamamatsu Station had a cool Nano Block train set display. They also had a large castle.

I recently discovered that I get four free cable channels in my apartment. I have been watching Space Shower Plus a lot. It's pretty much just music videos all the time. Though I saw Show Champion, a Korean music competition show, the other day.

I saw a top 50 countdown and Let it Go was on there three times! They had the English version, the Japanese movie version, and the Japanese pop version.

That song was called Organ Donor - Off Da Hook. What???

I also get Animax, an anime channel. I've watched Fruits Basket a few times!

I saw that shirt at Avail. I kind of wanted it because it was so stupid, but I didn't get it because it was kind of ugly and wouldn't really fit. It was too much to just be a shirt for sleeping in.

I got a cute t-shirt at Arrow though. Lucky sunshine cat! So cute!!!

I got some cooling sheets. I don't know if I feel the cooling effect much, but they are nice for cleaning up when I get sweaty.

The mirror in my apartment doesn't get good lighting so it's hard to put on makeup. So I got this really cute Purin mirror on sale at Shimamura. 

My computer mouse died. I didn't want to spend much money on a new one, but luckily the cutest mouse at K's Denki was also one of the cheapest. Yay!

I saw that poster for Harry Potter stamps at the post office. I really want them, but I think they're only available at Universal Studios. I want to go there, but I'm sure it's super crowded because the Harry Potter area just opened. 

They also have Mao Asada stamps, but I think you have to order them or something.

Jonathan and I saw a ridiculous Hummer in the parking lot at the Ichino Aeon mall. The lights under the car were like strobe lights and the Hummer logo on the back was glittery.  

I'm not a big lychee fan, but I couldn't resist Lychee Fanta. I liked it, but it's not one of my favorites. I would get it again, but by the time I want it again I'm sure it will be gone.

There is a lot of mango stuff this time of year. I had orange juice with frozen mango at Subway. It was really tasty, but I would have enjoyed it more outside of the air conditioning. 

I had a super super tasty dessert from the bakery in Pleha Walk. I'm not really sure how to describe it except that it has flaky layers and is really soft inside and has walnuts. It's so good that I've already gotten it three times this month.

I've seen quite a few chocolate mint things lately. It seems to be a lot more common than the first time I lived in Japan.

Those marshmallow chocolates were tasty. :)

The banana chocolate Koala's March cookies were good, but not as good as I expected. I prefer the regular chocolate ones. 

I bought a cute kit to make my own Apollo chocolates. 

It was really easy to do. You just put those chocolate tubes in hot water, let the chocolate melt, and then squeeze the chocolate into the mold. They turned out cute and yummy. :) I wanted to keep the mold, but when I washed it, it warped quite a bit. Oh well. It was meant to just be thrown out anyway. For about 200 yen I think it was a cute kit and I think I would have liked it as a kid, too.


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