Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ryugashido Cave

About a week and a half ago Jonathan and I went to Ryugashido Cave in Hamamatsu. I think it took us only about 20 minutes to walk through the cave and I've seen more impressive caves in the US, but it was still worth the 650 yen entrance fee. It was cool in the cave so it was a nice break from the summer heat. We're saving money for our summer trips so this was something nice and inexpensive to do.

I don't know what was creating the rainbow, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't natural because it turned on and off. 

There was a waterfall! :) I don't have a good picture of it though. :(

After Ryugashido, we went to Ichino mall in Hamamatsu. Mister Donut had a banana theme going on so we got a few donuts with banana flavored icing. They were delicious. :)


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