Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Food in Japan

Here are a bunch of pictures of food I've eaten in Japan. They're not in any particular order and there's not much to say in general, so I'll just write captions for each picture.

The sakura marshmallows were too cute to pass up!

salad (with potato salad and boiled egg), tuna mayo onigiri (rice ball), strawberry and whipped cream sandwich, and melon Fanta

Here's something random and tasty I came up with.... udon with peas and sweet chili sauce!

apple soda with Jell-O-ish chunks

Mega Surprise! It smells and kind of tastes like Fruit Stripe gum which means it's aweseome!

This grapefruit juice was less strong and sweeter than regular grapefruit juice so I think it was aimed at kids. It was tasty!

This frozen pizza wasn't very good. It didn't even have sauce! Tabasco sauce helped a lot though.

At McDonald's you can buy packs of seaweed to put on the fries.

At first I was excited that Japan had Shamrock Shakes, but it turns out they're green tea flavored. They're probably ok, but I'd rather have something minty.

McDonald's breakfast in Japan! This McDonald's, just a few minutes away from my apartment, is very American-like. It even has a drive through!

Japan's breakfast menu is pretty similar to America's except for a few things. #9 is a Tuna Muffin and #10 is a hot dog. Yup, McDonald's in Japan has hot dogs, but only at breakfast. I really need to try one this time.

plum sauce

I don't know why they're called Froot Ring. I can deal with the name change, but why "Ring?" Why not "Rings?"

They smell different than Froot Loops. They look different than Froot Loops (where are yellow, blue, and purple?). They taste different too. They don't have as strong as a flavor.

Soft Oreos with green tea cream are amazing!!!

I'll admit I bought these corn flakes mostly for the packaging, but they were really good! They are actually caramel flavored and taste similar to Frosted Flakes.

Chocolate Chip melon bread (named that for the shape, not the flavor) with Pokémon packaging

KFC in Japan has chocolate covered biscuits. The chocolate looks like sliced cheese though, lol.

I got some chicken nuggets at KFC and onigiri, a rice ball.

ice cream from the konbini

cheese curry Pringles

Let's Vitamin!

The tastiest Pocky!

garlic fried rice, gyoza, Japanese pickles, and salad

golden kiwi, pickles, salad, and some sort of mixed vegetable meatball things

Plum Fanta!


I didn't eat cereal very much last time I was in Japan because I couldn't find much cereal (besides Frosted Flakes, chocolate Frosted Flakes, and chocolate rings) in Toi and the milk was nasty. I found reduced fat milk every once in a while in Toi, but here I can actually find fat free milk. I can find good cereals too! Not that I don't love Frosted Flakes, but I don't want it every morning. This cereal was bran flakes with mixed fruit.

Gyoza and Kraft Mac and Cheese

Omurice! It's an omelet with rice inside and ketchup.  

Like Cheez-Its but better!

strawberry cream donut from Mr. Donut

Soooo cute! It even had a white chocolate bow! :)

Indian food in Iwata! Yum! :)

This was cold spaghetti noodles, roast chicken, salad, and some sort of dressing. Random-ish, but really good!

Subway in Japan is awesome. They have basil sauce and I don't know why they don't have that in the US! This was a roast chicken sub with sliced cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, olives, and basil sauce! Instead of chips the combo sets here come with fries. You can choose from regular, cheese, barbeque, and basil flavor. The barbeque ones are soooooo good!

Orangina has bits of orange peel in it which gives it a bit of a bitter taste, but it's good, like marmalade.

I don't know if you can get this mocha cake in the US, but it's amazing. I think it's new here.

This was a purple sweet potato cream filled bun I got at school. It wasn't great, but it was ok.

Passionfruit Kit Kats! They're tasty, but the passion fruit taste isn't as strong as I would like.

homemade yakisoba (not instant! though I used premade noodles)

It kind of tasted like Golden Crisp cereal covered in chocolate.

Jonathan and I ordered pizza last night. It had pepperoni and ham on it and tasted more American than other pizza I've had in Japan. That was a medium size and it cost a little over 2200 yen, so about 23 USD (a large is over 30). Delivery pizza is expensive here, but it's a nice treat once in a while. The other thing is a Nugget Mix, a mix of chicken nuggets and tater tot sticks. It was free! And tasty! On line we chose the one with "fancy tomato sauce" which ended up being ketchup, which I thought it might be, lol. Oh and also in Japan you don't have to tip the deliver person.

The pizza and nuggets were bad enough for our health, but we walked to Family Mart to get dessert anyways. We split the ice cream and each had a piece of cake.


  1. Plum Fanta! Now I have new ambition in life :)

  2. Great Post. would like to try the Kit Kat, Crispy Sandwich and Fanta!

  3. That Hello Kitty donut was SO CUTE! Thank you for the explanation about "melon bread." When I heard people mention it, I always assumed it tasted like I know I can safely try it if I ever happen across any!

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