Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 13th Time in Tokyo

This past weekend I went to Tokyo for the 13th time. I had lost track of how many times I've been to Tokyo, but I just went through my pictures and counted. I have been to Tokyo so many times! I just can't get enough of it! Every time I go it's a very different experience. I find someplace new every time I go.
I left early on Saturday morning and took a bus to Mishima. I usually take a bus to Shuzenji and then a train to Mishima, but the bus to Mishima was leaving at the time I wanted to leave, so I took that bus. It was a little fancier than the usual buses. The seats were a little more comfortable and there was sparkly stuff!

Well... the sparkly stuff was kind of tacky and it probably would have looked better without it, lol.

I bought a snack at Mishima Station. I got green tea Oreo Bits and juice.

The Oreos were yummy! I prefer regular Oreos, but these were still very good!

After about two hours of sitting on the trains (and playing Mario Kart), I arrived in Tokyo. I went to Shinjuku first to go to Okadaya, which is a very large craft store.

I didn't have the time to see everything in there, but it is a really awesome store. Their craft book selection was large. I got a really cute book! It has instructions on making cute felt pouches!

I don't have any zippers so I can't make some of the things in there yet, but I think this weekend I'm going to try making the little ice cream cones. :)

A little after noon, I met up with my friend Saba and we found an Italian place to eat lunch. Then we headed for Shibuya.

I saw some interesting ads in the train stations as usual.

Soon we arrived in Shibuya and headed straight for Shibuya 109.

We went into many of the stores including Cecil McBee, which was where I bought the dress last time. This time they had some more good sales and I got this:

We then visited some of the other stores but felt that the stuff at Cecil McBee was the best. So then we went back there and I bought another shirt. It's sooooooooooooooooooo cute!

I'm really glad I got that shirt then. They had it in several colors, but when I went back the next day they didn't have any of them left!

In Shibuya station I saw Mr. Bean!

Then we went to Tokyo Station to meet up with a friend Saba had met on the plane. We walked around to find a place to eat dinner. These two pictures are from the Marunouchi Building... or maybe Shin-Marunouchi... I'm not really sure now... Well, they're two different buildings, so maybe one is from each.

We ended up eating at a nice restaurant in one of those buildings. It had a bit of a fancy atmosphere (well, compared with the places I usually eat), but it wasn't pricey. I had some really good Pad Thai, and it was under 1500 yen.

Uhh... creepy!

After dinner we headed back to Tokyo Station and took the subway to Ginza.

I really love Ginza at night! :)

First we went to Itoya. We only got to look for about fifteen minutes though because it was about to close at 8:00. I still think it's weird that stores in Tokyo close fairly early. 8:00 seems really early for a store in a busy area on a weekend.

After Itoya we wandered around for a bit. I thought these flowers were super pretty!

We ended up stopping at Doutor (a coffee shop) and I had a really yummy dessert.

The next morning, Saba and I went to Harajuku. First we visited Kiddyland.

I bought a really neat Nanoblock set. It's the gate in Asakusa. Nanoblock is like Lego, but a lot smaller!

We looked in a few of the stores on Takeshita Street and I bought this:

It was only 1050 yen so it was really cheap!

After eating lunch at Shakey's Pizza, we went back to Shibuya to go to Cecil McBee once more (we were obsessed). In Shibuya Station they had a 3DS thing set up. You couldn't\ play it, but I did get to look at the screen. It's really neat! It looked like I was wearing 3D glasses, but I wasn't!

I didn't buy anything in Cecil McBee, but some of their stuff had changed since the previous day so it was fun to look. They had a lot of really pretty dresses!

We left Tokyo from Shinagawa Station. I used the bathroom there and there was a sign that showed which stalls were open. The lit up ones are occupied. It's neat, but not really that useful because you can easily see which doors are open and which ones aren't. It would be a good idea in a really large bathroom that might have stalls not in sight though.

I spent a lot of time in Tokyo during January, but I'm still not tired of it. Since I'm leaving in 7 weeks I want to spend as much time in Tokyo as possible!

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