Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cats on Leashes and Other Randomness

It's been a while since I've done a post of random pictures of random things. So some of these pictures are several months old. But now here they are in no particular order.

The pizza cup noodles weren't bad, but they weren't that good either.

This is a fruit called feijoa. When I went to a teacher's house to pick sweet potatoes, he had a feijoa shurb growing behind his house. Feijoa is really good! It's not common in Japan though because most of the Japanese people there didn't know what it was either.

AKB48 tissues

maple and cookie ice cream... mmmmmmm!

Every once in a while the grocery store has a random flavored bread. It's cool, but it's usually on the shelf in place of the plain bread I usually buy, which can be annoying. This was milk tea bread. It was okay. The flavor wasn't that strong so I still used it for sandwiches.

It pretty much just tasted like normal ginger ale to me.

Every once in a while I'm too lazy to cook dinner and get food from the konbini. That meal was salad, ginger jello with apple chunks (sooooo good!), winter pocky (chocolate sticks with white icing... one of my favorites!), and muscat tea.

A woman I met while picking sweet potatoes invited me to her mother's house. Her mother lives in Odoi, which is the northern part of Toi. While there we sat at the kotatsu, talked, and ate oranges and sweet potatoes. When I left, her mother gave me a big bag of oranges and a container of sweet potatoes. I ate some of the oranges. I usually don't like oranges, but these were better than usual. Though most of them still went to waste. :( The sweet potatoes were awesome! I'm not sure what the name for this is, or what is used to make them, but they're really really good. It's common here in Japan. I can buy them like this at the grocery store.

Caramel ice cream daifuku (mochi with stuff inside) was really good!

Cheese Kit Kats... ummm... they weren't so good. :P I still ate them though.

I'm not a huge wasabi fan, but I couldn't pass up wasabi Cheetos. I probably wouldn't buy them again, but they were pretty good!

They were colorful so I bought them. All I could read and translate was "five color banana." When I opened the bag they smelled just like circus peanuts. They tasted like them too, but they had a harder texture. I didn't care for them at first, but then I really liked them.

It's not that interesting, but it was tasty!

It didn't sound good to me, but I just couldn't pass up chocolate soda! Plus, the bottle had an interesting Alice in Wonderland design. When I opened the bottle, it really smelled like chocolate! Haha, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I was also surprised that it tasted really good! It's kind of like a cream soda with a chocolate flavor too. I liked it so much that I just drank another one tonight.

See the Alice in Wonderland puzzle in the background?

bag of mixed crackers from 7-11

Mambeshiba!!!!! It's a pouch to put a hand warmer in. I'm not sure what good a pouch does for a hand warmer, but it's Mameshiba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hand warmer that came with the Mameshiba pouch was cute too! :)

I thought the bottle was cute and girly.

Here's another flavored bread. It's chocolate! It's really good with peanut butter.

This is the best ice cream daifuku I've had yet! It had strawberry ice cream and chocolate sauce in the middle!

When heading to the grocery store after school, I saw some cats on leashes. It was weird. Really weird. They were tied up inside so I guess they could go between inside and outside.

 plum juice

 I love the chocolate chip bread sticks from 7-11. That whole bag is only 98 yen!

These were umeboshi (pickled plum) potato sticks. They were good, but not as strong as I hoped. I was kind of wanting something stronger, like salt and vinegar potato chips. The sakura packaging was super cute though. :)

 variety pack of ice cream daifuku

It's expensive, but I would love to make something like this! It has a CD rom that can use your pictures to make perler bead patterns. It comes with a ton of beads too. It would be so awesome to use one of my pictures from Japan to make something like this.

It's a mameshiba eraser craft kit!!!!!!! Kawaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!


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