Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Stuff

Last Friday the principal brought these to school and gave them to the teachers. They're called biwa (loquats in English). They were really good!

The seeds were pretty! :)

This is one of my favorite drinks... :) It's fizzy lemonade and it's cute! :)

On Saturday I went to the outlet stores in Gotemba with some friends. On the way there I played around with a fun setting on my camera.

At Gotemba I bought a shirt and some scented soaps, but the most exciting thing I bought was probably this ice cream! In the US I think Cold Stone is way too overpriced especially when I can buy ice cream at the grocery store that I like better. But here in Japan it was totally worth the money. This was the first mint chocolate ice cream I've had in Japan! :) Oh and the workers sang as they made the ice cream. It was really cute!

On the way back home I played with my camera some more...

Another wonderful purchase from Gotemba was this candy!!!! :) It was fun to eat while I studied that night.


The next morning I took some pictures of the rice paddies behind my apartment. They look pretty cool when they're flooded.

Oh, and here are a couple pictures of my apartment building. Isn't it so lovely? Haha... at least the inside looks a lot better than the outside!

Then I headed to go to the mall. When I got to Shuzenji I was a little hungry and wanted a snack before getting on the train. So I got a piece of blueberry mousse cake. Mmm! :)

Then I got onto the train. I stood up front, which I hadn't done before. I took a couple videos of the view.

When I arrived in Mishima I walked to a small shrine nearby. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

There was a little creek running by here with stepping stones across it. I'll have to do that sometime.

On the way to the mall I stopped to take pictures of pretty flowers. :)

Soon I arrived at the mall. The following picture was taken in Home Assist (like a cross between a Home Depot, a home store, an office supply store, a pet store, and a car store).

I really don't know... I have no idea what he was advertising... lol.

I took some pictures of the cute animals in the pet department but then was told not to take pictures. :(

Now here are a couple pictures I have taken around Toi the past couple days.


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