Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break Part 9: Harajuku and Matsujun

On Saturday the 29th Lauren I went back to Harajuku. But first we stopped at Subway in Oimachi for lunch.

I had my usual roast chicken on honey oat bread with sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, olives, and balsamic sauce. Like the Mexican buffet the day before, Subway also charges extra for cheese.

After lunch Lauren stopped at Beard Papa's to buy a cream puff. Such a funny name!

On Omotesando Street we saw some people offering to draw portraits for five seconds for free. It was really random and maybe I should have stopped to do it. At the time I thought about going back later, but I forgot about it.

We went back to Laforet for a little bit and also visited Kiddyland. Then we went to Innocent World, which is a classic lolita store. We both really liked this dress:

Usually when I post pictures from other sites I include a link when you click on the picture. The link thing on Blogger doesn't seem to be working for me right now so I'll just include the address here:

Next we went to Takehita Street. We went in Bodyline again and I considered a couple dresses but ended up not getting anything.

I was a little bit hungry and we wanted crepes, but the lines were super long. Then we saw a Baskin Robbins that had crepes without much of a line. I don't know if I've seen crepes at other locations or not, but from looking online it seems that some others have them too. Crepes are super popular in Harajuku though so of course they had them there.

I had a delicious Oreo crepe! :)

We went back to Idol Park, the K-pop store and bought Christmas pictures of Big Bang.

It's so hilarious and will be one of my Christmas decorations from now on, haha. I joked that when I'm a really old lady and too old to put up a Christmas tree I'll still put this picture up.

Then we went back to the store with all the Japanese idol merchandise. They have a bunch of pictures of various boybands for sale. They have tons of them in the store and you can look through them and write down the numbers of the ones you want. Then you take the list to a counter and buy the pictures. The pictures seem like they're just printed at a random photo printing place and seem very unofficial. I guess they're not illegal though because that store has been there a while and isn't like hidden or anything.

Anyways... Lauren came up with the idea that we should both search for the stupidest picture of Arashi and buy them for each other. We looked through hundreds of pictures and then took turns in that section writing down the numbers and paying for the photos. As soon as I saw this picture of Matsujun taking his shirt off and looking really stupidly ridiculous I was pretty sure I would buy that one. There were plenty of stupid ones, but none were as hilarious.

So then Lauren and I handed each other the pictures we picked and turned them over. We weren't really that surprised when we saw that we had bough each other the same picture. But it was still really really funny.

That picture is just so horrible!

Then we went to Shibuya and spent a little bit of time in Shibuya 109, but not a whole lot of time. We pretty much just went to Liz Lisa.

We were just going to take the train back to the hotel but when we got to Ebisu station we randomly decided to get off to go the train and see a statue there. In Hana Yori Dango, a Japanese drama that I watched and really liked, Matsujun plays Domyouji, the lead male character. There is a statue that is in a few important scenes of the drama.

We had a little bit of trouble finding Ebisu Garden Place from the station and were hungry so we just got some food from the konbini and ate it on a bench outside the station. After looking at a map a couple times we figured out how to get there. There was a very long series of moving sidewalks.

I sat on the statue and attempted to look dramatic. It was dark and the lighting made weird shadows so most of our pictures turned out creepy rather than dramatic. These two aren't too bad though.

We weren't the only ones with this idea. We heard some girls pass by and head them mention Matsujun. Another group of girls also posed with the statue.

Ebisu Garden Place was very grand and cool. It was also very very very windy! It even made it hard to hold the camera steady. At one point I came close to losing my Big Bang and Matsujun merchandise, hahaha.

We sat my camera on a nearby bench and took a few timed photos. They all looked creepy though.

Our trip to Ebisu was so random and spontaneous but it really fit well into that day because of the stupid Matsujun pictures we had just given each other. I'm really glad that I got to go there with Lauren because it wouldn't have been nearly as hilarious by myself.

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