Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Last weekend I celebrated Halloween. Well, sort of. In the past few weeks I've picked up some Halloween stuff from 100 yen stores, including the stuff in the picture above which came from Daiso.

Halloween is two words? I was hoping to find something with "Merry Halloween" written on it, but no luck (I saw a few things that said that last time in Japan).  

I don't think I've ever seen so many warnings for just stickers. They really don't want you to lick them or put them on your skin... are they poisonous? 

I also got this stuff at Daiso on a different day. I got a bunch of random candy (it was 3 or 4 for 100 yen).

This axe was a totally random purchase, but it's so funny. I don't think I've ever seen such a happy, girly, sparkly, fuzzy, ridiculous axe.

I bought some imported Halloween themed Haribo gummies at Minipla at LaLaport. The bag was Halloween themed. I don't like Charlie Brown a whole lot, but I appreciated the Halloween theme.

I bought these snacks at the grocery store. The chips are pumpkin gratin flavored and the things on the left are little chocolate and strawberry filled cookies. The cookies are good and I haven't tried the chips yet. Maybe I'll eat them tomorrow, which is actually Halloween.

The lollipops I bought at Daiso were super cute! I gave the cream soda (melon soda with vanilla ice cream) flavored one to Jonathan (I put together treat bags for us, haha) and I kept the milk flavored one. Yes, milk flavored. I bought it because of the adorable packaging, but I ended up liking the flavor too. It just had a sweet creamy flavor, but it was tasty. Oh, and the lollipops are Mickey shaped! I will have to try some of the other flavors.

The cookies had such cute packaging! Disney seemed to be a popular thing for Halloween.

That's the stuff I put in the treat bags. Yum!

I bought that cute lantern at Seria, but all the rest of my decorations were from Daiso. 

Every Friday Jonathan and I eat junk food and watch Psych. It's our weekly tradition. It really wasn't any different this time except for the decorations and my "costume."

I forced Jonathan to put on this headband and hold this stuff. See how he felt about that?

Yeah, so there's my costume. It's probably the best Halloween costume I've ever put together! Way better than the one I made last year, right?

Okay, maybe not. But it was way less time consuming and was much less expensive than my Princess Peach costume. Though I loved working on that dress. I missed that this year. I love costumes and making stuff, so I love Halloween. It's my second favorite holiday, after Christmas.

We had KFC to eat. I wasn't even sure what this was when I ordered it, but it looked interesting. It was really delicious! Despite not being boneless and being dark meat, it was still really good. It was sweet and yummy. I still don't know what the flavor was though, haha.

The next day we got lunch at 7-Eleven before doing some shopping. I don't like milk tea (I like putting milk in some tea, but I don't like the bottled kind), but the packaging was so cute! :) I love how popular Marie from the Aristocats is here. 

I bought this pumpkin pudding candy and was surprised by a gummy center when I bit in (I thought it was just pumpkin flavored white chocolate) haha. It also had the sauce stuff that's on Japanese pudding (which is like flan). It wasn't bad, but it was a bit surprising, lol.

We ate our lunch at the park near the river. There weren't many people at the park because it had rained a lot the night before and the ground was still pretty wet. I took the opportunity to ride the nasu! Japanese eggplant! So exciting! Haha!

I wanted to take a picture of Jonathan on the nasu but he got scared and got off before I could take a picture. He claims that he was afraid that he would break it. Yeah, right. He just couldn't handle the intense excitement of the thrilling eggplant!

We walked along the river for a few minutes and saw these really really bright berries. They were brighter in real life. They were really pretty! 

Then we headed to Seiyu which is owned by Walmart. I took a picture of some beautiful graffiti in the cosmetics section.

The puzzle selection is definitely better than in the US!

Want to eat some aloe vera? Haha.

I bought some pineapple banana jelly, curry, and hangers. We went to a different Seiyu the previous week (a smaller one that mostly just had groceries) and bought Great Value parmesan cheese, cranberry juice, and honey roasted peanuts. It wasn't cheap. Imported Great Value food... haha.

Overall, Seiyu did have some good stuff, but the store was kind of depressing in a K-Mart sort of way. There weren't very many people there especially considering that it was a weekend. Though I will probably go back when I run out of parmesan cheese because it was a good deal.

Oh and they sold Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but only the white chocolate kind. WHY????? It was like they were teasing me. So cruel! I like white chocolate, but it just doesn't go with peanut butter like regular chocolate does.

Then we went to Nandemo Kaimasu, a used store near Jonathan's apartment. I found a really cute Rilakkuma stuffed animal for only 400 yen! They had a really huge one holding a donut that said "Mister Donut" and it was amazing, but it was 15000 yen. I'll just get stick with the 400 yen one...

I added the axe to make this post more Halloweeny since I have kind of gotten away from that theme in the second half of this post.

That evening Jonathan and I walked to an area where he sometimes runs and has seen many stray cats. An old couple goes there every evening too and feeds them. The cats were a bit shy with us (one was super friendly though!) but we saw some of them run up to the woman. They definitely recognized her! It was really cute!

I only had my phone so this picture isn't very good, but it kind of shows one of the cats. We saw at least four black cats. So that was kind of Halloweenish. So cute, too!

Then we made taco salad for dinner. Yum! The grocery store near Jonathan's apartment doesn't have plain tortilla chips so we used some chips called Don Tacos which are basically Doritos. The flavor we got tasted a bit like Sweet Chili Doritos, which are my favorite Doritos.Yum!

The next day the weather was super super nice. It was so sunny but not hot. I took advantage of the nice weather and did some laundry. The weather was so nice that I even enjoyed doing my laundry. Weird, but I really did. Plus, "traditional laundry in Japan are so soft as to calm down our minds." Ummmm, ok.

I went running that afternoon and ran 7 kilometers. I had run 7 kilometers on Wednesday, too (first time I had ever run that far). I felt like I could run for a while longer but it was getting dark. When I signed up for the 10k I wasn't planning on running the whole thing, but I think I'll be able to! It's less than a month away now!

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