Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jonathan's birthday was a little over a month ago. It was during the week, so the previous weekend we went to Round One to do Spo-cha again. We did unlimited this time and I think stayed there about four hours. So much fun! Though he beat me at pretty much everything we did.

On his actual birthday, I went to a bakery near my apartment called Chateraise. I had never been there before but had been curious about it pretty much since I moved here. It's a nice place and less expensive than some other similar places here. I bought a chocolate birthday cake. I like how the box says "Happy time for you."

We didn't eat the cake right away though because we were going out to eat. We went to the Indian restaurant in the further Aeon mall. Last time we went there by train and walking, but this time we drove. We were on some highway and missed the exit and the next one wasn't for about another ten minutes so we wasted a bit of time. But we eventually made it to the mall and enjoyed yummy food. :)

I had plenty to eat, but we still had to eat cake of course!

The piece of chocolate on the cake says "Happy birthday, Jonathan."

I also bought some party crackers at Daiso. I didn't know that they actually really explode a bit. Jonathan tried to catch a picture of the streamers coming out, but they were too quick.

Yum! Chocolate! :)

Those are the streamers that came out of the crackers. Shiny!

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